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Duress Alarm Systems

Understanding Duress Alarm Systems And Panic Alarms

Duress Alarms, sometimes referred to as a panic alarm, wireless panic button or wireless duress alarm, are used to help protect employees and staff from assault or other hazards. Duress Alarms may also be used in a residential setting, so that persons at risk of falls or that have health issues can use a panic button to signal for help.

Comtel Technologies supplies DECT and Wi-Fi-based VOIP handsets with a range of integrated duress capabilities. When integrated with a messaging platform, our duress alarm systems will provide peace of mind to workers in potentially hazardous environments.

With features such as duress / alarm button, tilt switch, location identifier and more, our duress alarm systems will ensure an alert is raised and that the location of the victim is known instantly by other staff so that help can come as quickly as possible.

Whether they are lone workers, security guards, or healthcare staff, issuing these employees with a wireless handset with duress alarm features will ensure the alarm is raised, either manually or automatically, in the event that urgent assistance is required.

Comtel also supply a range of Personal and Medical Alarms that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and are voice-activated, expandable, intelligent and feature-rich. Our Personal and Medical Alarm solutions are also suitable for independent living and ‘ageing in place’.

Contact Comtel Technologies and let us help make your staff that little bit safer.