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Duress Systems



Duress Alarms (sometimes referred to as a panic alarm, wireless panic button or wireless duress alarm) are used to protect employees and staff from assault or other hazards. Duress Alarms may also be used in a residential instance, so that persons at risk of falls or medical problems can then use the panic button as a signal for help.


Comtel Technologies supplies DECT and Wi-Fi handsets with a range of integrated duress capabilities. When integrated with a third party messaging platform, these devices deliver peace of mind to workers in hazardous environments.


Features such as alarm button, rip cord, tilt switch, location identifier and more, ensures that the alarm is raised and that the location of the victim located so that help can come as fast as possible.


So whether they are lone factory workers, security guards, or healthcare providers, giving these workers wireless handset with duress alarms will ensure the alarm is raised (either manually or automatically if the user is rendered unconscious) in the event that urgent assistance is required.


So give Comtel Technologies a call or send an email enquiry outlining your requirement and let Comtel Technologies help make your life that little bit safer.