Real-time Location System (RTLS)

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solution utilising active RFID-over-Wi-Fi is one of the most accurate and innovative ways to track the things an organisation relies on most to achieve its goals. By providing real-time location information to doctors, nurses – even on or off-site authorities and administrators – healthcare organisations can create significant resource efficiencies while enhancing patient experiences with Ekahau.

Shorten search times to enhance productivity

Nurses waste up to one hour per shift looking for equipment.1 With Ekahau, nurses can reduce the amount of time it takes to find vital medical assets and spend more time treating patients.

Improve patient flow

The quicker a crash cart, IV pump, gurney, or other medical asset can be located the more fluid ERs and other time-sensitive patient services will run. Swift asset locating processes are vital because every second counts. Special Ekahau asset tag buttons also allow the status of an asset to be communicated with unbeatable ease of use and accuracy.

Enhance job satisfaction while improving patient care

Nurses and other health facility personnel get peace of mind knowing they can track down their stuff quickly and easily with Ekahau. A recent study showed burnout and job satisfaction had a statistically significant effect on patient satisfaction, too.

Eliminate inventory management processes

Manual asset inventorying becomes a thing-of-the-past with Ekahau Vision, the software platform that houses asset and equipment location data. Conduct an asset inventory in minutes – not days.

Reduce equipment leasing expenses

With complete visibility into assets’ location and status, rental or leasing expenses can be significantly reduced and unnecessary resource outlays can be wiped away. Ekahau customers experience a quick return with lease/rental expense reduction, alone – often, within the first year!

The Ekahau RTLS solution is the only completely wire-free solution of its kind, making implementation simple and quick. Ekahau asset tracking is achieved using simple tags affixed to assets and an intuitive software application featuring powerful reporting capabilities.

For more information and to get the Ekahau asset tracking advantage contact Comtel or visit ekahau.com/rtls.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products available from Comtel Technologies cover a wide range of personnel and asset tracking.

RFID is commonly used for ‘Wandering Patient’ systems, whereby an Aged Care Facility Resident (particularly dementia residents) wears an indiscreet RFID transmitting tag or wristband which will interact with a receiver unit attached to the Access Control System, automatically locking doors when the resident approaches to prevent abscondment.

This situation could be applied to a variety of applications outside of Aged Care, such as Infant Infirmary to prevent ‘baby snatching’, pre-schools and kindergartens, Community Health Centres and Mental Health Institutions.

RFID solutions include Ultra Long Range RFID tracking tags with an in built membrane switch and indicator for manual call functions such as emergency call, nurse duress/man down and machinery stop.

Our ‘Active Tags’ are powered by an internal lithium battery. The tag will for the duration of its life transmit a Radio Frequency (RF) signal at a pre-set time interval. The tag life is estimated up to 5 years at a transmission time interval of approximately 1.5 seconds. The transmitted tag data includes Customer Site Code (CSC), Tag ID, Tag Age Counter Value with the options of Movement Alarm and Tamper Alarm Status.

ID Asset Tags are encapsulated in a moulded plastic case, which is ultrasonically sealed during the manufacturing process for adverse environmental conditions. The affixing of a tag depends on the type of application: double-sided adhesive tape; ID card straps or lanyards; pocket or lapel clips. Tags have a standard ID card footprint for attaching a photo ID. Models are available with in-built MIFARE, HID prox or HID i-class electronics making personal photo ID, access control, tracking and emergency call transmitter all in the one “credit card” sized tag.

Tag Features include: