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Aged Care Solutions

Since our inception in 1968, our experience within the Aged Care Industry lead us to the realisation that there were many instances where facilities were left with gaps in their messaging and communication packages. Many Facility Owners and Managers, Directors of Nursing (DONs), and Maintenance & Engineering Staff that we spoke to highlighted an array of issues they have experienced that resulted in poor staff and resource management and under utilisation of assets.

We have found instances where:

• Various critical systems were provided by different installation contractors and were found to be totally independent of each other. There was no integration of the systems to provide a completely seamless solution. For example, Fire Systems were not connected to the Nurse Call or Communication systems, leaving Nursing Staff open to OH&S or evacuation issues in the event of a fire alarm.

• Issues between the Nurse Call System and the Staff Pagers or PABX / DECT phone system, whereby not all Nurse Call system activations were feeding through to the Nursing Staff on duty.

• Multiple brands of Nurse Call system within a single facility and each of these system either not integrated at all or installed with very little cross-facility compatibility resulting in a breakdown of the provision of care services at the facility.

Our Aged Care Solutions combine the latest software technology with existing hardware to facilitate low cost premium patient call and messaging systems. The team at Comtel Technologies understand that alerts and alarm messages are critical to Nurses and Aged Care Staff in their roles as care providers. We have evolved to become the preferred supplier, systems integrator and maintenance provider to major Aged Care Groups and independent Aged Care Facilities across Victoria. A wide range of electronic communication and annunciation (electronic signalling) systems and ancillary equipment, including Access Control, Communication and Security Systems are available to help Aged Care Facilities run smoothly and enhance their overall 'Quality of Care'.

Our Technical Service Team are experienced with many of the Nurse Call Systems available in Australia, including -

• Questek
• CareTech
• Gladstone
• Sedco
• Austco
• Merlon
• more...

We are able to integrate many of these systems into a single system with comprehensive logging and reporting. Reports can be configured for a diverse set of parameters and can be 'pushed' out to other systems, including mobile devices and smartphones via emails or SMS. Our strong Business Partner relationships with providers of specialised systems and services enables us to ensure that cross-system interoperability remains the main focus of system implementation within Aged Care.

Contact the Team at Comtel to discuss your facility and the ways Comtel can help.

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Apartment Solutions

Multi-Dwelling Residential developments, including High-Rise Apartment Buildings, Flats and Gated Communities, present unique communication and security requirements, with restricted access a priority to the safety and security of residents and their property.

Electronic systems are required to enable visitor to resident communication; to restrict pedestrian access to buildings and vehicular access to car parks; and to control restricted passenger lift arrangements for residents and visitors. The key to fulfilling these unique requirements is to ensure these various systems are integrated to provide a sensible and workable access solution.

Comtel Technologies are able to provide:

• Multi-Dwelling Intercoms in audio only and colour video with a variety of internal station styles, capable of many visitor entry points and hundreds of internal apartment answering stations. Options include systems capable of multiple units within an apartment (e.g. for larger Penthouse apartments) and stations that include a 'Picture Memory Function' - the intercom camera will take 'snap-shots' of visitors who call your abode while you are not home for you to view upon returning.

• Access Control systems with keypads or proximity readers (swipe cards) to allow for every application from a single door through to systems capable of accommodating hundreds of controlled entry points and lift system integration so residents need only one card or key for movement throughout the building.

• MATV (Master Antenna TV) systems for providing Digital Free-To-Air television to multiple dwellings.

• CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) systems for keeping watch over car parks, communal areas and entry points.

Comtel Technologies' product and service solutions mean that Architects, Consulting Specifiers, Property Developers, Construction Companies, Electrical Contractors and Project Managers can rely on one company to provide all of the low-voltage electronic systems for multi-dwelling residential projects.

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Call Centre Solutions

Our product range can be tailored to provide communication solutions for Call Centres. These solutions cover mission-critical aspects of Call Centre functionality such as -

• Wi-Fi Networks to enable 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) capabilities
• Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone (DECT) systems with messaging
• Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) systems and handsets and custom annunciation (signalling), such a call queue displays
• Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) & Real Time Location Services (RTLS) can be implemented to ensure that assets and equipment resources can be readily located
• Comprehensive logging and reporting of these systems so that Management and Team Leaders can analyse workloads
• Reports can be automatically generated and dispatched via email or SMS for various criteria

Contact Comtel Technologies to find out how our Call Centre Solutions can streamline your processes and workflows.

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Commercial Solutions

Create a safe environment for your employees and customers with Comtel's integrated systems. Secure all building entrances and parking areas, and provide communication and notifications to all offices -

• Employee Access Control
• Secure remote entry points with I.P. video intercom over internet to Head Office Control Room
• Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) & Real Time Location Services (RTLS) to track and locate assets and equipment resources
• Various electronic communications and signalling systems to streamline work-flows and processes

Contact Comtel's Sales Team to find out more about how our systems will benefit your commercial property or business.

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Education Solutions

Our electronic solutions for kindergartens, schools and universities provide peace-of-mind:

• Stop unwanted intruders at gates or doors by implementing a video intercom system
• School-wide lockdowns can be engaged immediately in critical emergencies
• Implement portable duress so Teachers and Staff can immediately notify others in the event of an emergency on school grounds
• Communicate between class rooms
• Public Address (P.A.) for bell scheduling, paging and alert / alarm in emergency situations
• Sick Bay systems
• Minimise liability and enhance Duty-of-Care with CCTV systems
• Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) & Real Time Location Services (RTLS) can be implemented to ensure that assets and equipment resources can be readily located

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Health Care Solutions

Our Healthcare Solutions combine software technology with electronic hardware to provide mission-critical functionality to Nurses and Hospital Staff. A wide range of electronic communication and annunciation (electronic signalling) systems and ancillary equipment have helped various Healthcare facilities such as -

• Hospitals and Hospices
• Aged Care Facilities and Hostels
• Dental and Day Surgeries
• Clinics and Imaging Centres

Our systems are implemented to enhance the existing routines and practices and strengthen the overall 'Quality of Care' that Healthcare providers strive for.

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Industrial Solutions

Regardless of whether it is for a small factory-warehouse or a large industrial manufacturing complex -

• Control access to all entrances and restricted areas
• Communicate internally with staff without tying up phones lines
• Monitor or page into warehouses, cold-storage, offices, and loading areas
• Provide 'Duress' alarms or 'Emergency Call Points'
• Specialised requirements such as "explosion-proof" or "intrinsically safe" speakers

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Residential Solutions

The range of electronic systems being used and relied upon in our homes is expanding almost day by day. Comtel can provide systems to make residential living that bit more comfortable and user friendly -

• Door entry intercoms to secure access to residences
• Intercoms for communicating throughout the home or property
• CCTV and Alarm systems to help keep premises secure
• Access control systems to allow family and friends to come and go more easily
• Customised entry panels present a unique face to a residential property

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Wi-Fi Solutions

While there is always a place for wired network connectivity, there’s no doubt that wireless networking is now the preferred connectivity method for most organisations. The flexibility that a wireless network provides in terms of location and device connectivity can’t be beaten and this has driven the adoption of WiFi solutions around infrastructure/device management and operational policies such as support for BYOD.

Comtel Technologies are a ‘Pinnacle Partner’ of Meru Networks, manufacturers of ‘mission-critical’ wireless networking controllers and access points. This means that our Service Team has been accredited as Qualified Meru Technicians and can undertake in-depth Wi-Fi network analysis and diagnostics. Our team is qualified to provide advice on wireless network coverage and installation methodology and topography.

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