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Multi Tenant / Apartment Entry Security

An apartment or multi-dwelling intercom system provides security for the residents of high-rise residential buildings and gated community housing developments by way of restricting access of visitors to the entrance, or entrances, of the building or property. The intercom system is often linked to secure entries and provides the ability to activate electronically controlled access points, such as automated sliding doors and gates, motorised garage roller doors, electronic strikes or magnetic locks on pedestrian entries, etc. This is achieved by requiring visitors to call a particular residence from an intercom entry panel to request that access be granted to the premises.


The entry panel for multiple user systems can operate in a couple of different ways –


Traditional Push Buttons – On this type of entry panel there are separate push buttons for each residence within the premises. Usually the apartment numbers or tenants names are listed next to the relevant button. A visitor presses the relevant button to call the desired party.


Digital Entry Panel – This style of entry panel features a keypad for calling the residents, similar to a telephone keypad, whereby the visitor enters a ‘code’ to call the relevant party. This type of panel will include either a name directory in the form of a physical static list of names / apartment numbers and their corresponding calling code; or a Digital Name Directory with electronic display. This latter type allows the visitor to scroll through a list of tenancies (again, either by apartment number or name) until the desired party is displayed, whereby the visitor can then press a ‘call’ button to call that party. Alternately, a visitor can simply input a known code into the keypad to call a residence.


The visitor call is received at either an audio only or an audio video internal answering station within the residence. The audio video systems provide the additional functionality of being able to see the visitor as well as to talk to them. At the internal station the resident can activate the access control system, allowing the visitor to enter the building or restricted area. In high-rise buildings this function is often linked to the elevator control system, allowing the elevator to travel to the floor on which the entrance to the building was authorised.


The Aiphone GT Series apartment intercom is very flexible and allows for multiple entry points and hundreds of answering stations. While it is most commonly used for apartment buildings, the system flexibility lends itself to a wide range of practical applications including educational faculties, childcare centres, hospitals and commercial office buildings.

Aiphone GT Series

The Aiphone GT Series represents a multi-tenant building entry intercom system with a variety of system options and possible configurations.

Aiphone GT Series Apartment Intercom

The Aiphone GT Series represents a multi-tenant building entry intercom system with a variety of system options and possible configurations.

Product Details

The Aiphone GT Series provides residential buildings with high performance security & reliable operation. The GT Series supports up to 500 tenant stations, which can communicate to a maximum of 16 entry panels and 4 security guard stations. The 170-degree entry station camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom provides complete entry visibility. Choose from a one-piece stainless steel entry panel or easily configure the entry panels using either direct select or digital keypad to suit your building and tenant requirements.
Wide and Zoom & PanTilt

Panoramic Wide Angle View
To provide effective security, the GT series features a wide angle camera that enables you to see an innovative panoramic view! People standing on sides and people of all heights can be easily identified.
To see details, switch to Zoom mode. Switching between Wide and Zoom mode can be done by the press of a button.
PanTilt is available to change the camera angle in Zoom mode.
Picture Memory

Automatic Recording
Works anytime, even during your absence. Records 6 images per picture sequence. Up to 40 pictures sequences can be recorded.
Manual Recording
Record picture as required. The recording starts when you press the REC button while monitoring or talking to a visitor.
The play LED flashes when there are auto-recorded pictures.Press the PLAY button to play.
Additional Security
The Master Station with the recording function can be connected with 3 security lines. It can also be connected with an emergency button. When sensing an input from the button, the alarm will be triggered after the set time.
High Degree of Usability for Visitors

Audio & Visual Guidance
The Entrance Station features both audio and visual guidance, so any visitor knows the present situation.